The Damaging Effects of Lightning Strikes for Businesses

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The Damaging Effects of Lightning Strikes for Businesses

Lightning strikes may seem like a rare occurrence, but they can wreak havoc if they strike your property, says Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety President and CEO Julie Rochman.

“People often underestimate the harm that lightning strikes can cause for their business, but make no mistake–it’s a dangerous force to be reckoned with,” says Rochman. “We encourage business owners to take the necessary precautions to protect their property from the damaging effects of a lightning strike, such as power surges.”

For protection from lightning strikes in the general area of your office or an externally produced surge, a “whole-house” surge protector is the best starting point for reducing the risk of damage or a fire.

Install additional protection for important or expensive electronic equipment. This should include localized surge protection for power cords to the electronic equipment and any telephone and cable/satellite television lines connecting to the equipment. Make sure all equipment is UL-listed and properly labeled.

Lightning protection systems are designed to protect a structure and provide a specified path to harness and safely ground the super-charged current of the lightning bolt. The system neither attracts nor repels a strike, but receives the strike and routes it harmlessly into the earth, thus discharging the dangerous electrical event. Be sure the lightning protection system is designed and installed in accordance with accepted industry standards.

Stay off landline/wired telephones and utilize a cell phone if necessary. In your office, do not stand near open windows, doorways or metal piping. Stay away from the television, plumbing, sinks, tubs, radiators and stoves. Avoid contact with small electric appliances such as radios, or toasters.

Source: IBHS

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