Private Sector Cyber Attacks – You’re On Your Own Baby!

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Private Sector Cyber Attacks – You’re On Your Own Baby!

Companies should not rely on the government to protect them from cyber attacks, states a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

U.S. businesses are being targeted 24/7 by North Korea, China and Russia to disrupt operations and in many cases to steal intellectual property. The real issue is that U.S. privacy laws prevent government security agencies from protecting commercial enterprises from these types of attacks.

Businesses can protect themselves from the myriad of new technologies becoming available, but an overlooked tool in focusing attention on cyber security safety is insuring against it.

85% of U.S. networks are private-sector networks – the world is changing and we’re not sure we’re ready for it when it comes to cyber attack security.

Because it’s against the law of the United States, The National Security Agency is not permitted to be on your networks – so the only way they catch an attack coming in is if they catch it overseas first. What does that mean to the private sector? You’re on your own baby!

Every day businesses are facing the challenge of defending their networks from domestic and international cyber attacks and the challenges aren’t getting smaller – they’re getting bigger and bigger and in most cases they are already one jump ahead when it comes to getting around security measures.

Technology companies are frantically forming and producing security solutions that will offer protection but if you’re depending on the government to help you, don’t think that way!

The minds of executives need to be concentrated on cyber security and buying cyber insurance is the best way to get them involved in their own fight. The thought process then becomes, I’m paying for this, I need to pay attention and be held accountable!

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