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Demystifying Management Liability

Posted by on Jul 21, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Management liability threats can be mysterious for business leaders in private companies. Few understand the breadth of liabilities, their personal risk, and the remedies or protections. Our partner, Travelers helps businesses understand and demystify Directors & Officers Liability coverage.

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Risk Management Solutions for the Technology Industry [Video]

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Mike Thoma, Chief Underwriting Officer for Travelers Technology, shares insights on insuring large technology companies. For more than 30 years, our partner, Travelers has served the technology industry, offering broad risk management solutions for a range of telecommunications, information technology, medical technology, and electronics manufacturing companies.

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Risks Technology Companies Face Today

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When it comes to technology innovation, the only thing holding technology companies back should be imagination, not insurance. At Harned Insurance we understand the range of risks technology companies face today, and we’re ready for what tomorrow may bring. Having an insurance carrier that shares this pioneering spirit can be a significant business advantage. Our partner, Travelers has been a leading insurer of technology businesses for more than 30 years. They understand the unexpected risks these companies face and have the insurance solutions that can help them get ahead of those risks. And when they do – by anticipating and preparing for them – they can keep innovating and growing. The rapid pace of change requires the ability to innovate without worry. Innovative solutions that set us apart To protect innovation, you first need to understand it. Travelers doesn’t just insure technology companies. They have immersed themselves in the technology industry so they can understand and anticipate the changing nature of our client’s risks, while also creating insurance products and services that keep up with the quickly changing needs. What sets Travelers apart Long-time association with the technology industry Ability to underwrite complex businesses Expertise with technology businesses of all types and sizes Dedicated technology team Constant research to anticipate future needs and emerging risks Sharing our knowledge and advice Risk control services that are among the best in the industry To learn more, contact us...

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Employees Seek Broad Menu of Benefits

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You’ve probably heard the popular adage that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” underscoring the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing. Yet most Americans wouldn’t want a free lunch anyway, recent research shows. Only one in five (18 percent) American workers prefer free lunches as one of their top three employee benefits of choice, according to the 2015 MassMutual Generations@Work Study. Instead, 47 percent of workers age 18 and older prefer more vacation time, 44 percent opt for better 401(k) matches, and 40 percent like free health care coverage, according to the study. What benefits workers prefer largely depends upon their gender and generation, the study finds, complicating benefit decisions for employers. “Given the varied preferences for employee benefits, the takeaway for employers is to offer as broad a menu of benefits as possible. They should also consider offering new or expanded benefits on a voluntary or employee-paid basis,” says Elaine Sarsynski, executive vice president of MassMutual Retirement Services and Worksite Insurance. Half of all baby boomers surveyed and 48 percent of millennials say their benefit of choice is more vacation days, according to the study. Nearly half of Gen Xers (47 percent) prefer better 401(k) matches, the survey found, with more vacation days coming in a close second (44 percent). After more time off, boomers express preferences for financial benefits. Forty-three percent of boomers want better 401(k) matches, 38 percent appreciate free health care coverage, and 24 percent want more investment choices for their retirement savings, according to the study. Four in 10 (43 percent) prefer expanded health care benefits. Breaking with boomers, millennials like flexible work schedules (43 percent) and reimbursements for education and tuition (30 percent). But many Xers join their boomer colleagues in wanting better 401(k) matches, most likely a reflection that few Xers have access to pensions and that many boomers have not saved enough for retirement, according to Sarsynski. Men’s benefits of choice are more vacation time (50 percent), better 401(k) matches (43 percent) and flexible work schedules (39 percent), MassMutual’s study finds. Women’s preferences are spread between more vacation (44 percent), better 401(k) matches and flexible work schedules (40 percent), expanded health care choices (37 percent) and free gym memberships (31 percent). Workers should make the most of the benefits their employer currently provides and suggest other benefits that companies might make available on a voluntary basis, Sarsynski said. She recommends workers take inventory of their benefits and prioritize their importance based on personal financial needs: * Make sure you have health care coverage unless you are already protected by a spouse’s medical plan. * Protection benefits such as life insurance and disability insurance rank next in importance, especially if you are married, have children or other people depend upon your ability to earn a living. * Defer as much of your income as you can afford for retirement as early as possible. The sooner you start saving, the longer the power of compound earnings will have to work and boost your savings power. Make sure you contribute enough to your employer’s 401(k) or other retirement plan to qualify for any matching contributions. * Use your vacation time as it’s important to get a meaningful break from your job. The research was conducted on MassMutual’s behalf by KRC Research as part of an employee benefits education initiative. The study focused on 1,517 working Americans who were at least age 18 in a wide variety of jobs and...

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The Story of Business Risk Insurance in 2015

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The Chalkboard provides a recurring infographic that appears in each issue of National Underwriter Property & Casualty. They focus on the insurance industry’s most pressing market lines and trends, stats and facts (illustrations by Shaw Neilsen). Here’s a look at two of these commercial insurance risks: 2015 was a year focused around cyber security and the increasing frequency of data breach events. For this infographic, they included 117 data breach insurance claims, from carriers that include ACE, AIG, Chubb, Lockton, Liberty International Underwriters, OneBeacon, Philadelphia, Travelers, XL Group and Zurich NA. Here is a summary of the company’s findings: Workers’ Compensation was also gained a lot of news coverage in 2015. Did you know that medical services now contribute to more than 60% of Workers’ Comp claims?  In part due to two cost drivers: physician dispensing and compounded drugs. Here is a summary of findings from Marsh, the California Workers’ Compensation Institute and insurer WC Accident Fund...

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