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Top 5 Cyber Attack Risks for Your Business

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Cyber attacks continue to grow, with cyber thieves in pursuit of personally identifiable data that can be sold on the black market. According to the 2015 Symantec Internet Security Threat report, the past year saw a 23% increase in the number of data breaches. Here are some of the top cyber risks and what they may mean for your business, regardless of size: Cyber Risk #1: Human Error: Lost and Stolen Laptops and Smartphones Cyber Risk #2: Hacker Cyber Risk #3: Spear Phishing: Social Engineering Targeted at Employees Cyber Risk #4: Extortion Cyber Risk #5: Hacktivism: Social and Political “Hactivists” That’s why we offer extensive information security breach coverage with a variety of limit options and price points. CyberFirst Essentials® — Small Business insurance offers coverage for a variety of cyber security breach claims and lawsuits. Some of the most common ways an information security breach can occur within a small business include: Online hacking and theft of confidential information such as credit cards or social security numbers, medical or healthcare information, etc. Accidental loss or sharing of personal information The loss or theft of paper records from an office location CyberFirst Essentials — Small Business insurance offers coverage for necessary expenses including breach notification, credit card monitoring services, costs to retain a public relations consultant, and more. Call us today for details or a free...

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Don’t Be a Cyber Slacker

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There’s no question about it: those who fail to protect themselves online are vulnerable to identity theft. Are you a cyber slacker? If you’re a millennial, you might be. According to a recent TransUnion survey, most millennials are not taking action to safeguard their personal information online, despite being the most concerned about cyber crime. In fact, almost 90 percent of millennials store bank account information on their phones, and about 85 percent check financial accounts while connected to public Wi-Fi – actions that put them at risk of identity theft. In contrast, only a third of baby boomers report being concerned about identity theft, but at least half take basic precautions to protect themselves. Just half of boomer respondents said they store important information on mobile devices and just over half check financial accounts while connected to public Wi-Fi. “Cybercriminals don’t care about your age; they just want access to your identity and credit,” says Ken Chaplin, senior vice president at TransUnion. “It is important for people of all ages to be aware of the behaviors that make them vulnerable to identity theft and to not sacrifice security for convenience.” TransUnion advises all Internet users, millennial or otherwise, to heed the following best practices for cyber security. • Activate password protection on your phone. Cyber criminals can install applications on stolen phones that give them access to the device’s personal information, like photos, personal calls and banking applications. Set a unique password on your phone to create a barrier that makes it difficult for anyone to access the information. • Approach near field communication (NFC) applications with caution. Criminals have traded spam and antivirus hacking methods in favor of third-party applications. NFC applications, which allow data to be transferred between two local devices, such as through tap-to-pay methods at checkouts, and other third-party payment applications should be approached with caution. • Avoid accessing sensitive information on public Wi-Fi networks. Businesses that offer public Wi-Fi are required to share a liability notice, but many may not read it. By using Wi-Fi sniffing, when criminals intercept information while it travels from the access point to the device, your personal data can be at risk....

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Cyber and Workforce Risks Rising Concern for U.S. Businesses

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American business leaders worry about the same major risks as they did in 2014, however rising levels of concern over cyber risks and the ability to attract and retain talent have shifted the ranks in some subtle and no-so-subtle ways. Here’s what business leaders are worried about via our partner company Travelers Insurance: View and download the full article and report...

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